A crew of boys were playing video games in our living room when Thad called me. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I saw his name pop up on my screen, but it certainly wasn’t related to our British visas. He received a letter via email regarding┬átheir decision on our request for a review.

The refusal was overturned…
Thad is approved for working in the UK!

Our next step is to send all five of our passports to the British Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. Pray for quick turn around.

We are uncertain about the exact timing of the next few weeks. We are trying to be flexible, while also continuing to move forward and allow our family time to adjust as these changes come. We appreciate your prayers over the next few days in particular, as we try to sort out our next steps. As the weeks go along, be praying for our family as we enter a season of good-byes, packing up a house, enjoying people, seeing a few places, and all that comes with leaving. Then of course, all the other things that need to fall into place on the other side of the move – particularly finding a home and schools for the boys.

Another particular prayer request that we have is for our oldest son, Oliver. He has recently had some more pain in the kidney area. He is due for a six month follow-up with his urologist, but please pray for this. He is also is in the middle of being diagnosed with a couple of learning disabilities. The timing while seemingly bad, could be a blessing because it can open up better schooling options for him in England. Even so, having these hardships on top of an upcoming move has been a challenge for us all emotionally. Pray for him to feel loved and perfectly made; pray for wisdom and gentleness for us as we guide him.