Thank you for praying for our family as we wrap up our time here in Budapest. We have some key prayer items these next couple of weeks that we would appreciate prayer over.

  1. Finding a house. This has been tricky, because the areas in which we are looking are quite competitive. Next week, JANA will fly to Birmingham to look at available houses. Please pray for one to be available in just the right place at just the right time. She will stay for a few nights and our colleagues there are both hosting her and helping her get to appointments.
  2. Both Oliver and Simon will say good-bye to their classmates, teachers, and schools on Thursday. Spring Break begins on Friday, so we think this is a good time to plan to leave well. There is a small chance that Oliver will return to his school after the break, but this will only happen if our housing choice is not available for a few weeks.
  3. Saying good-bye in general. Since Spring Break is approaching, we planned ahead before families started travelling by scheduling formal times to say farewell. The Operations Team hosted a lovely evening for us last week. People shared their appreciation for us as a couple and individuals, as servants in ministry, and as a family. We were honestly overwhelmed by the number of people who came, by the gracious words said, and by the outpouring of prayer that went over us. It was emotional. Our church also said good-bye to us this past Sunday, thanked Thad for his service as a deacon, and prayed over our whole family. Yesterday, we had another time of good-bye at our headquarters staff meeting. This time, it was Thad who spoke. He did quite well, even through some tear-filled eyes. He made sure to tell our team of our gratitude to them these past couple of years, from how they cared for us, challenged us, and helped us to rest, recover, and grow. And among these big group good-byes, are small ones as individuals, as a couple, and a family as well. It is hard to say good-bye.
  4. School in England. This is all contingent upon where we live in the city. We will ask for more prayer for this later, especially as we approach schools to ask them to consider letting our boys in mid-term.
  5. For all the tasks that go with moving. We’ve had a moving sale, but we still have a couple of large items that need to be sold (our car being one of them, but we have a good possibility of a buyer). For cleaning, organizing, and trying to keep our house from being too chaotic among it all. Once we have a home in England, we will schedule for the movers to come.
  6. For good health. Thankfully, our season of illness seems to have waned, but we still would like prayer for this. Pray that we will also be safe from injury. We already had one semi-urgent doctor’s run, when Milo bit through his lip after a fall. Oliver also has his six month follow-up with his urologist this week (he has had some more pain in the left kidney area, so pray for good information and communication with the doctor). **

…photos at the top… Our family enjoying some beautiful sights in Budapest… At our good-bye evening with close friends, Yulia and David, who are also the parents of one of Oliver’s closest friends… Standing in front of our church as a family, sharing our prayer needs… **