October arrived for us more quickly than expected. Actually, the entire summer months seemed to fly past us. This highlights one of our biggest prayers for right now-managing time well.

Thad’s job is in full swing, he enjoys it, and it’s a great fit for him. Throughout our short time here, many colleagues have told us of the difference it has made to have Thad as Operations Director. A friend sent me a message during a day of meetings at the Headquarters: “Nice to see your husband totally thriving in our ELT meeting today. He’s in such a good-fit role for him and he’s a great communicator!”

Part of his job includes being on the Crisis Management team, which means him being the on call, available 24-7 contact for any staff facing crises. Thankfully, he has not fielded many calls, but pray for the Lord to work through him, especially if you see major events happening on the news within England or Europe.

Another new thing for him is managing time a little differently. Before, his main priority was managing projects and programming tasks. Currently, his role is managing people along with projects…this translates to him being in a lot of meetings. Thankfully, the Lord gave him a mind for quick and variable thinking, but this is still an exhausting part of the role for him. He’s adjusting his schedule to allow for two days a week free of meetings.

One exciting, and somewhat surprising fit is Thad’s ability to communicate complicated details. For example, he’s given financial reports to both the Leadership Team and Agape’s Board of Directors. Within both groups, he received encouraging feedback about his explanation of financial details that made them interesting and understandable.

A major development within the ministry is implementing the most recent data protection laws. Thad is reading 400 pages of documents, so that he can better understand it’s implications. Agape’s IT Director is most familiar with this, but he is stepping away from giving leadership to the project. Thad will be the owner of the Data Project, going forward. Details like these are necessary to move the ministry forward smoothly.

And one last job-related prayer is for this upcoming month of steady travel for Thad. Most of the trips are short and within England, but one is a humanitarian aid trip to Greece. He and fellow leaders within Agape will be working with refugees on one of the Greek Islands. They will be there for 9 days in mid-October. Thad also needs to arrange for a two week trip to the US to work on raising some more funding for us. We didn’t reach the 100% mark before our move to England, so we are committed to continuing this necessary step until it is finished. You can pray for the planning and timing of this trip as well.

I had hoped to write a lot more often in the past few months, but this was a busy transition for our family. Pray for us as we look to the Lord for our daily strength and work into better routines. I’ll include some more information in the photo captions to update you on our boys and life outside of the office. Thank you for standing with us in prayer

Our family enjoyed a day on refurbished, old fashioned railway cars pulled by steam engines.
Pray for us to find and make time for more fun adventures like this Oliver’s teachers say that he’s adjusting well at his new school… pray for him to make a good friend…and for our navigating this new school system
Simon is enjoying homeschool… pray our efforts are good preparation for school here
Milo – driven, busy, curious, and loud…pray for us to parent him well
We walk a lot!. Continue praying for our adjustment to life here